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Define Project

  • Identify potential projects
  • Evaluate projects
  • Select projects
  • Prepare a problem
  • Select and launch teams


  • Measure baseline performance
  • Map and measure the process creating the problem
  • Plan for data collection
    1. Measure key product characteristics (outputs, Ys and process parameters (Inputs, Xs)
    2. Measure Customer Requirements
    3. Measure potential failing modes
    4. Measure the capability of the measurements system
    5. Measure the short-term capability of the process


  • Analyze response variables
  • Analyze input variables
  • Analyze relationships between specific Ys and Xs especially cause-effort relationships
  • Confirm determinants of process performances


  • Plan designed experiments
  • Conduct schooling experiments to identify the critical, vital for process determinants
  • Conduct designed experiments to establish a mathematical model of process performance
  • Optimize process performance
  • Evaluate possible improvements
  • Design and implement the improvements


  • Design controls and document improved process
  • Validate the measurement system to be used in controls
  • Establish process capability of improved process
  • Implement new process and monitor it


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